Welcome to the 1970s!

At TheGreat70s, we bring back the memories of the most groovy decade ever.. the 70s!

Take a ride with us back to the 1970s. TheGreat70s has sections on the fashion and pop culture of the 1970s. We give you tips on throwing your own 70s party.. And make sure and check out all of the great music sections, including our 70s Music Videos Stations where you can watch 70s music videos with fellow 70s fans!

Watch Music Videos Together with Friends
70s Music Video Stations
Pick a station and watch and chat about 70s music with fellow fans. Everyone sees the same video so you can watch together. Dance and rock to the music in the front row with dancers from Giphy.
The 70s Station
Playing all of the top pop, dance, rock and motown hits of the 70s!
Disco Nights
Get out your platform shoes and leisure suits and join us on the disco floor!
Rock of Ages
Rock out to hits from the 60s & 70s
70s Billboard Charts
Billboard Charts for Every Year of the 70s
70s Top 20 Charts

Check out the top songs for each year of the 1970s along with their videos.

Our Interactive top 20 charts let you view the top 20 songs for every year of the 1970s as determined by Billboard. You can also click on the song to see the music video for it.

Throw a 70s Party!
Throw your own 70s Party!
Throwing an 70s Party
Throwing a 70s Party!
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